Sean Quinn

Assistant Trainer

From an early age it was obvious that whatever Sean did in life it would involve horses. Back at school the highlight of his morning was break time which involved skimming through the daily papers in search of the racing pages. Now he’s thankful that the highlight is seeing the yard’s horses in action. Sean’s interest in form, pedigrees and the running of the yard has always been very strong and he assists me in  a number of roles on a daily basis.

After finishing school we tried to pack Sean off to University but like a boomerang he just kept coming back! After being offered a job as a pundit on William Hill Radio, he decided to call it a day and head home full time in order to be fully involved with the yard as well as taking up his new job. In his he own words, he hasn’t looked back. Sean has worked hard at helping the yard gain momentum with regard to buying new horses and has already bought numerous winners under his own name. The highlight to date being Group 1 winning two year old The Wow Signal.

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