Footstepsinthesand filly

Footsteps 1

Footstepsinthesand Filly

2015 grey filly by Footstepsinthesand ex. Actionplatinum

Purchased from the Goresbridge breeze up sales in May (lot 35), this filly was given a few weeks to settle in to her new surroundings and unwind after we purchased her. However, she is back in work now and I like what I see. She looks fast (she is!) and her temperament is beautiful. She’s a lovely filly to have around the yard.

What drew us to the filly was that visually she breezed well at Gowran Park. She looked to have a nice action and finished her breeze off well. This initial impression was backed up by the time that she clocked. She was inside the top 30 fastest horses (of the 224 that were catalogued) and what was even more pleasing was that her second furlong was quicker than her first. She was getting progressively quicker through her breeze as opposed to going very fast for a furlong and then labouring a touch. Her work rider is an associate of Sean’s and he recommended the filly highly. He had not only ridden her in the piece of work but through much of the winter at home.

If this filly had a big pedigree to match her impressive workout then she would no doubt have cost considerably more than the E19,000 that we had to give for her. What we have bought here is a good looking individual who knows how to gallop. At this stage of their career once you know that then the little piece of paper with their siblings on it becomes less relevant. She appeals to me as a type to win a maiden race this season before progressing on to nursery races.


Purchased at Goresbridge Breeze Up Sale

E19,000 (plus 5% agent fee)